Our responsibility for the future


The issue of sustainability is very important to us at Pro Pet Austria,
and the new energy center is the heart of our energy concept.


The refrigeration is generated by means of natural refrigerant and
the waste heat is stored and reused by a sophisticated heat recovery system.




We obtain the required thermal energy from a local biomass combined heat and power (CHP) plant, which is fueled purely by wood chips from the region



In addition, we only purchase electricity from 100% renewable 
energy sources and our photovoltaic system.



Our own wastewater treatment also helps to ensure that our company pollutes the 
environment as little as technically possible.



Pro Pet Austria Heimtiernahrung GmbH


Hobelweg 20
A-4055 Pucking

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E-Mail: propet@propartner.at


Factory Gastern:


Waidhofner Straße 1
A-3852 Gastern

Phone: +43(0)2864/2545-0
Telefax: +43(0)2864/2545-970
E-Mail: office.propet@propartner.at


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