Quality is not just a buzzword in our company. It is a philosophy, which we live by starting with the raw materials and ending with the packaging.
Permanent quality control and hygiene measures ensure, that the products meet the international standards for human nutrition. 
Of course, all products are subject to weight and metal checks as well as leakage tests, to ensure the specified quality and product safety for our customers.

In addition to the quality specifications of our internal HACCP system, Pro Pet Austria is also certified according to the standards of IFS & BRC. Thus, we guarantee optimal quality & product safety and the associated satisfaction of our customers.

The entire production process, from purchasing to processing, packaging and outgoing goods, takes place at the Gastern site. As a result, we take 100% responsibility towards our customers.



Raw materials

Our snacks are mostly made from 90% (or even more) meat & offal, of course exclusively from animals suitable for human consumption.

But humans leave a lot of good stuff, which is ideal for dogs and cats. Some examples include:

  • Bone-deboned muscle meat, which is seperated from the bone in mechanical processes (MDM – mechanical deboned meat)
  • Hearts of cattle and pigs, which are the best muscle meat and have now almost disappeared from human menus
  • Liver of cattle, pigs and poultry, which makes a significant contribution to the taste of the snack
  • Beef rumen (also called tripe), which represents the very highest level of taste for most dogs

We source raw materials as locally as possible in Austria and the EU and work exclusively with certified and audited suppliers. This way we guarantee the hightest quality, safety and traceability. 

With fish, there is also a lot left over from filleting - and that is a treat for dogs and cats. For years we have supported sustainable fishing and we are MSC and ASC certified.



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