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Our snacks are characterized by an extremely high meat content and highest palatability. We generally avoid cheap fillers and almost all recipes are grain-free. Through constant market research, development and new product conception, we are one of the biggest innovators in our industry.

Currently we produce five snack categories: Meat Sticks, Meat Sausages, Shaped Soft Snacks, Meat Strips and Meat Bites.

Based on the different meat raw materials, such as beef, poultry, pork, game or fish, we can create an individual product for each customer. Our maximum motivation is to achieve highest quality and palatability for dogs and cats. Our goal is to create the ideal snack that tastes good and gives pleasure, whether as a reward during training or as a delicious occasional treat.

Already during the product development our main focus is on the quality of the raw materials used - here we set the highest standards and work only with the best suppliers from Austria and Europe. In this way we realize the perfect products for our clients, which catch the eye of the customers and taste hearty to the animals.

Enabled by our various packaging technologies, we can offer the optimal product concept to every customer.



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